Duns Castle hosts the Prince of Denmark

18th July 2018

The hugely talented Shakespearean theatre troupe “The Three Inch Fools” performed their musical, humorous and brilliant interpretation of Hamlet in the private grounds of Duns Castle on Thursday 12th July 2018. Masters of their craft, they provided an evening of family entertainment and brought a vibrant, engaging and fresh approach to what is one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies and considered by many as his best work.

The story of Hamlet tells the tale of Prince Hamlet of Denmark who returns home for his father’s funeral, only to find his mother already married to his uncle who has in turn acceded to the throne. When Hamlet is informed by his father’s ghost that there was plenty of skullduggery involved in his demise, Hamlet embarks on a quest for revenge while also being the subject of the fair Ophelia’s affection, daughter of the Chief Councillor to the King.

Since Duns Castle and its gardens are usually not open to the public, this was an exceptional opportunity and attracted an audience of 120. With the castle as the perfect backdrop, the talented troupe captivated the audience with loads of humour, creativity, style and music while picnics were enjoyed on the lawn and accompanied by Giacopazzi’s award-winning ice-cream.

Many thanks to our wonderfully receptive audience. This was the first open-air performance of its kind to be held at Duns Castle and your handsome attendance and warm words of encouragement to hold future events are greatly appreciated. And thanks of course to the Duns Castle Estate team, to the local businesses for displaying our Hamlet posters and to all involved in helping to put this event together.

Photos Robert Landon and Jonathan Findlay