2017 Scottish Borders Heritage Festival launches at Duns Castle Estate

5th September 2017

What a great evening for the launch of the Borders Heritage Festival’s signature event “Lighting the Borders.” Beacon, Lanterns and Castle were all lit beautifully to mark the occasion. Huge thanks to all the 300 participants, to the actors, to the organisers and to the volunteers. Here are just some of the images from the evening at Duns. Lighting the Borders continued at numerous venues across the Borders over the weekend and the Borders Heritage Festival will continue for the month of September. Duns Castle Estate is particularly proud to have hosted this launch event and possibly its first Conventicle in nearly 400 years!

Thank you also to Seth and Sabrina who were married at Duns Castle this weekend and who joined us in welcoming the lantern procession onto the property. They are pictured above in front of the floodlit castle (photo courtesy of Morgan & Rose Photography).

IMG_2480 IMG_2484IMG_2505 IMG_2494  IMG_2470 IMG_2564IMG_2601 IMG_2533IMG_2618 IMG_2624 IMG_2650 IMG_2637 IMG_2456
(Photos: Jonathan Findlay)